June 25, 2024

SCARCITY and Opengate Partner to Build a WEB3 Foundation

Gateway Dao technology partnership to enable NFT marketplace

SCARCITY has announced a partnership with blockchain company OpenGate Labs.

SCARCITY is building a decentralized social media platform ecosystem.

Through this partnership with Opengate, the company will build a multi-chain-based NFT marketplace. OpenGate’s Gateway Dao solution will be utilized to create an open financial ecosystem (OpenFi) that enables platform-agnostic NFT trading.

Previously, SCARCITY announced the partnership in March to expand its blockchain ecosystem after listing on 10 exchanges simultaneously.

“Building an open ecosystem that enables free and easy transactions is essential for the promotion of decentralized social media,” said a representative from SCARCITY, “and with OpenGate’s Gateway Dao solution, we will strive to achieve the ideal scalability for future social media NFT trading.”