Mudra Launches Next-Gen BSC Token Generator Platform to Create BEP20 Tokens

The new platform enables users to create and launch cryptocurrency tokens with advanced tokenomics                                                                                                                      

Mudra, the asset manager for Binance Smart Chain (BSC), has released a new no-code BEP20 Token Generator that enables users to create BEP20 tokens instantly and without the need for coding knowledge.

Mudra Token Creator ushers in a new generation of BEP20 token generators. It is the first modular token generation platform in the world, marking a significant departure from the current generation of fixed templates. “Token developers no longer have to be frustrated a plethora of pre-canned templates that are clones of other tokens but fail to fulfill their intended purpose,” a Mudra spokesperson stated.

Mudra enables users to pick and choose the mechanics that are most appropriate for their use case. Anti-whale mechanisms, static rewards, deflationary token burn, automatic liquidity generation, and hyper-deflationary buyback are just a few of the advanced financial mechanisms available.

While this unmatched flexibility distinguishes Mudra as a market disruptor in the token generation space, it is not the platform’s only strength. “Token creators now have the ability to create a token similar to SafeMoon or EverRise. They can even combine the best features of both tokens to create a new one. All of this is available at an unbeatable low price through our services. Additionally, Mudra Token Creator provides ancillary services such as funding the PancakeSwap liquidity pool.”


About Mudra:

Mudra has developed a number of cutting-edge products for BSC investors and developers. Mudra Token Research is the world’s first all-in-one BSC token scanner. Mudra Research uses smart contract code and blockchain data analysis to assist investors in avoiding cryptocurrency “rugpulls” and “honeypots.” Mudra Liquidity Locker is the most cost-effective and feature-rich platform for locking the pancakeswap liquidity of BSC tokens.

Visit for additional information.

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