July 16, 2024

Biggest 5 NFT Cricket Games You Should Keep an Eye on in 2022

Since their introduction, Non-Fungible Tokens have been used across a wide range of industries. From digital arts to real estate industries, NFTs play a crucial role in imprinting definitive ownership details into a secure digital record called the blockchain. 

The first step in its infiltration was to credit digital artists and producers, and now it is slowly creeping into other areas, such as sports, documentation, tickets, and more. Recently, NFT players have shown an enormous interest in sports-themed NFTs and play-to-earn NFTs.

The success of Bowled.io, the first NFT collection to feature cricket NFTs, encouraged other sports leagues, teams, and organisations to begin producing NFTs. Since then, cricket-themed NFTs have become immensely popular among cricket enthusiasts, NFT enthusiasts, and even gamers. 

Listed below are the top five Cricket NFT platforms you need to keep an eye on

1. Bowled.io

Bowled.io is a blockchain-based mobile gaming platform. Dedicated to delivering exciting experiences to gamers worldwide, Bowled.io develops and hosts unique and exciting games. 

With a strong belief in the new era of gaming, an era in which tokenized game currencies and blockchain-based game characters will revolutionise the industry providing all players with an opportunity to truly own their in-game assets as well as earn from their skills.

As part of its dual mission, Bowled.io recognises players for their skills, effort, and loyalty, introduces blockchain technology to mainstream gamers and empowers gaming studios to deliver a consistent and high-quality gaming experience using leading and secure web3.0 technology. 

Bowled is a free-to-play gaming application on iOS, Android, and the web with over 10+ casual games and an ad-supported business model.

Key Features: 

  • A protocol built on Polygon that is both efficient and secure
  • Benefits of staking, voting power and influence over treasury fund with @BWLD token
  • Take advantage of your cricket knowledge playing games like Catch, BWLD, NPL, Cric, and CricTrumps to make money
  • Cric5 to battle five-member teams in 1v1 format. 

2. Meta Cricket League

Meta Cricket League is a Web3 integrated marketplace focused on NFT gaming introduced Singapore’s GuardianLink. The goal of MCL, like all other NFT games, is to help users make money. The entire program is called “Hit and Earn.”. The competition is entirely metaverse-based.

The MCL provides people with a fun time, teaches them valuable life lessons through cricket, and helps the economy of the metaverse. 

Key Features: 

  • Claim ownership of in-game assets
  • Play in Player-versus-Player (PvP) matches and leaderboards
  • Earn JT (Jump Trade) Points 
  • Level up NFTs and upgrade your stats
  • Trade NFTs in the marketplace
  • Become an integral part of the game ecosystem

3. Myria

With the help of Myria Gaming Studio, South African cricket legend AB de Villers came up with a blockchain-based, pay-to-play cricket game called Myria. In addition to its thrilling action, NFT tokens, and play-to-earn models, the game appeals to cricket lovers from all backgrounds. 

While the play-to-earn feature will help attract more players, De Villiers’ ultimate goal is to attract those who want to experience a virtual cricket game as close to the real thing as possible. As a result of the game’s inclusion of all the traditional features and aspects of cricket, players will feel as if they’re in an actual match. 

Key Features: 

  • Myria NFT marketplace to exchange game NFTs
  • Myria wallet to store your NFTs
  • Myria Game platform to play games like Metarush, Metakart, Block Royale and Starstrike Legends
  • Myria Nodes to receive limited edition NFTs, token rewards and many more.

4. Colexion

From Yuvaraj Singh to Dwayne Bravo, Colexion has debuted an official licenced NFT collection of cricket stars from around the world. The collection flew off the shelves, and secondary sales were held in the marketplace. In addition, Colexion has said that they would create the first-ever cricket-themed Metaverse Museum. 

The museum, which will feature Yuvraj Singh’s incredible life story, is set to open to the public very soon. Additionally, Colexion will be releasing a cricket-themed Metaverse video game.

Key Features: 

  • Reduced gas fee
  • Limited edition drops
  • Accept fiat currencies
  • 50+ global sports stars celebrities 
  • Interactive digital museum 

5. Rario

Ankit Wadhwa and Sunny Bhanot created Rario as a non-fungible token-based digital collectables platform for cricket enthusiasts to collect and exchange legally sanctioned cricket moments on the blockchain. These NFTs, built on blockchain technology, provide cricket enthusiasts with a method to stake a legitimate claim to their prized cricket memorabilia. 

The Rario team also revealed plans to build the Rario Marketplace, where people can buy and trade cricket NFTs. Those who were too late to purchase NFTs would now get their chance. In-person communication between cricket fans allows them to share collections and swap Rario cards. The Rario Marketplace will bring back the fun of collecting traditional cricket cards bringing its users together.

Key Features: 

  • Collect and trade some of the most iconic cricket moments
  • Transforming eco-friendliness with Polygon blockchain
  • Player cards
  • Trade with fellow fans


As digital assets become more prevalent, fans’ engagement with their favourite teams could drastically change. Athletes and teams will be easier to interact with than ever before. Moreover, a well-executed strategy to improve the customer experience may make fans closer to their teams. 

Sports fans can connect with their favourite players, and athletes can have a stable, untethered source of income with NFTs.