July 15, 2024

BaseStake Debuts During Base’s “Onchain Summer” with Exciting Staking Opportunities

BaseStake Debuts During Base's "Onchain Summer" with Exciting Staking Opportunities

BaseStake, a transparent platform for staking ETH on the Base network, is now live. This innovative platform offers six staking pools with daily interest rates of 8% and higher. Overall, the team promises to give users an excellent opportunity to earn passive income. 

The launch of BaseStake coincides with Base’s “Onchain Summer,” a celebration of the network’s rapid growth and increasing activity.

BaseStake’s Staking System

BaseStake offers six unique staking plans divided into two categories: Plan A and Plan B. Plan A includes three options:

  • Plan 1: 8% daily profit, 112% total return, withdraw anytime, 14 days duration.
  • Plan 2: 6.5% daily profit, 136.5% total return, withdraw anytime, 21 days duration.
  • Plan 3: 5% daily profit, 140% total return, withdraw anytime, 28 days duration.

Plan B also has three options:

  • Plan 4: 8% daily profit, 193.7% total return, withdraw at the end, 14 days duration.
  • Plan 5: 6.5% daily profit, 275.3% total return, withdraw at the end, 21 days duration.
  • Plan 6: 5% daily profit, 292% total return, withdraw at the end, 28 days duration.

Newcomers to both plans will see their starting percentages increase 0.5% each day. For those already invested, the percentage remains fixed from the start of their plan. Plan B’s interest compounds daily, enhancing profit potential.

Staking Opportunities and Referral System

BaseStake not only offers robust staking plans but also a lucrative referral system. Users can earn rewards promoting BaseStake through a three-tier referral program:

  • 5% from level 1 referral deposits.
  • 2.5% from level 2 referral deposits.
  • 0.5% from level 3 referral deposits.

Users must use their referral link to track new referrals to participate in the referral program. Rewards are credited separately in the smart contract and can be withdrawn anytime. No initial deposit is required to earn referral rewards, and all promotional methods must adhere to legal standards.

About BaseStake

BaseStake is a brand-new platform designed to make staking ETH on the Base network easy and profitable. With six staking pools offering daily interest rates starting at 5% and increasing 0.5% daily, users can earn significant returns. 

The minimum deposit is just 0.01 ETH, with no maximum limit. BaseStake’s smart contract has been thoroughly audited SolidProof, ensuring a secure and reliable staking experience. 

Anyone interested in passive income while supporting the growth of the Base network can visit the project’s official website. Moreover, the Telegram page of BaseStake provides regular updates and news related to the platform.