The advantages of DeFi


Decentralized Finances (DeFi) is a set of specialized apps and financial services based on blockchain (built according to certain rules of a continuous chain of blocks, each containing information). 

The main idea of DeFi is the creation of an independent and transparent financial ecosystem, which is not subject to the influence of regulators and the human factor. 

Simply said, with the help of DeFi the finances are available for anyone. The users carry out transactions and solve financial problems directly with each other, instead of doing it through the intermediation of banks, courts of broker organizations, etc. The software for a decentralized ecosystem allows customers, sellers, creditors, and borrowers to interact. 


  • Your assets work for you.
  • Cryptoanalogs of bank deposits.
  • The largest stablecoin income.
  • Best hedging opportunity.

Shortly about the website

As you know, projects on the DeFi ecosystem are like building blocks. DeFi projects are interoperable and often are built on top of each other, creating infinite possibilities. However, the current DeFi ecosystem is fragmented and difficult to navigate.

The mission of is to gather pieces of the DeFi ecosystem in one place and under one simple and intuitive interface.

What kind of developments are there today, that allow to work in the DeFi world

The website DeFi Watch offers:  

  • Autosearch for investment for your wallet.
  • Useful and convenient filter.
  • Only necessary metrics for making a decision.
  • Auto tracking your investments result.
  • Simply written articles.
  • All in one app!

There is a defi dashboard, available on the website, which represents all Defi projects. 

On the defi blog you can find the latest material on blockchains, tokens, pools and other basic concepts of the decentralized finance industry by DeFi Watch.